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Looking For a beat bundle for your next hits? Check out Trap Jumpin' 
Exclusive Beat Pack Limited Time Offer 

Trap Jumpin Beat Bundle Hip Hop Beats For sale produced by Tru Def

Meet Tru Def:

The Maestro Behind the Magic

Tru Def is more than just a beatmaker; he's an artist with an unwavering passion for Hip-Hop. With a profound understanding of the genre's nuances and a keen sense of innovation, Tru Def infuses every beat he creates with his unique musical DNA. His dedication to the craft ensures that each composition tells a story, sets a mood, and creates an atmosphere that connects with both the artist and the audience. 

Tru Def, has had the opportunity to rock the stages with artists like Lupe Fiasco,  T.I. , Ludacris & more! He has also collaborated with brands like Adidas, Smartwater, Champion, & Bud Light. Tru Def’s latest sync placements include WWE Smackdown, Warner Chappell Music, Maruchaun, & more!

Tru Def Hip Hop music artist and producer
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